Snappity snap snap


I’m getting better and better at snapping pics of my guy, but I’m always trying to improve. So I asked Dawn, who’s taken some terrific children’s portraits, for any recommendations she might have for reading material on the subject. I finished the book in a sitting and put some of Mr. Kelsh’s advice to work this morning. The result was 200+ photos. (Digital makes that easier to comprehend.) I did capture some real gems, so the scads of not-so-perfect ones don’t even bother me.

I already knew that using a flash was bad (although my SB-600 bounces nicely and works well for most needs), but I struggle with light sources in my house. And the fact that he NEVER STANDS STILL FOR A MOMENT. Hence, the blur in the photo above. We’re talking 1/20 and even lower on some of the shots. So I bumped up the ISO to 400 and just kept pressing the button.

So now on my wish list (and I have to wish for the moment) are a faster lens, some basic lighting equipment and a few filters too. I’m sure the list will just continue to get longer. Darn hobby.

6 thoughts on “Snappity snap snap”

  1. Good for you. I’ve not tried to improve my photographing skills (if any) for awhile now. I’ve added that book to my wishlist to hopefully check out someday (soon, I hope). Looking forward to your photos.

  2. Maybe I can borrow that book? I’m really good at taking photos with my “regular” Nikon 35MM. I just have an awful time getting used to the digital one. Cannot seem to get anything right. I guess I’m just a control freak?

  3. I think you take great photo’s. I love that Devin’s busy being Devin and could care less that there is a camera. In fact he doesn’t seem to even realize there is one. It makes it so much more real to watch him grow up from afar. Glad your accomplish in photography was able to capture the “arm around Mom” shot recently. Too precious!!

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