Snappity snap snap


I’m getting better and better at snapping pics of my guy, but I’m always trying to improve. So I asked Dawn, who’s taken some terrific children’s portraits, for any recommendations she might have for reading material on the subject. I finished the book in a sitting and put some of Mr. Kelsh’s advice to work this morning. The result was 200+ photos. (Digital makes that easier to comprehend.) I did capture some real gems, so the scads of not-so-perfect ones don’t even bother me.

I already knew that using a flash was bad (although my SB-600 bounces nicely and works well for most needs), but I struggle with light sources in my house. And the fact that he NEVER STANDS STILL FOR A MOMENT. Hence, the blur in the photo above. We’re talking 1/20 and even lower on some of the shots. So I bumped up the ISO to 400 and just kept pressing the button.

So now on my wish list (and I have to wish for the moment) are a faster lens, some basic lighting equipment and a few filters too. I’m sure the list will just continue to get longer. Darn hobby.