A bit of GR after all this time

Flags flapping in the breeze outside of the Grand Plaza Hotel (I wrote the copy for their website, by the way!)

It took us until the last day of our four-day weekend to actually break away from house and yard stuff to do something as a family. Family with a capital “F” since we would have brought the cats along too if there were some way. Instead, we loaded up the kiddo and the dog and headed downtown. Just as the parade was breaking up and the Civil War enactors were trailing back to their cars, hoop skirts and all.

Of course we picked Memorial Day for our jaunt, which meant that every establishment imaginable was CLOSED, as all of the inhospitable signs informed us. To be expected, yes, but a bummer when you’re walking along, craving an icy coffee drink. Darn it! I had to settle for honey-roasted peanuts and packaged cookies from the gift shop at the hotel. Even their coffee shop was closed. What do you tell the hotel guests who need their java fix, I want to know?

Funny, I’ve lived here for six years now (six years!), and spent the first two working in the heart downtown, but still haven’t snapped pics of it until today. I’ve been meaning to. And there are plenty of lovely buildings and such to capture, as well as the many neighborhoods we visit from time to time. Hopefully I can be more conscientious about that. For now, you can browse through the entire set of today’s photos.