A berry good day


Fueled by this lovely breakfast (a repeat from here, but that one was snapped with my G2), I got in some gardening and a good long walk today. I battled the blusteriness for about an hour. It felt good to have my hair blown all about. Fresh air. Ahhhh.

It’s what I’ve been aching for…warmer days (even if only slightly), sunny skies, the hint that we’re escaping the bleakness. I’m all for winter when it stays inside its boundaries. Now that the calendar officially says SPRING, I demand some blooming. Well, I got it, after I tromped out to the back garden and did my fall chores a bit late. I cut back all the perennials to discover that the bulbs I planted more than four years ago are still full of some life. A hopeful sign of things to come. Happy spring!