Today flat-out sucks

Scott took Pete back to Mackenzie’s this morning. I sat on the floor with him, saying goodbye, before he was loaded in the car along with a bag of toys and treats. I can’t really express how I feel.

Pete’s been a very challenging dog for us. There were many times, especially in the beginning, when we’d felt we’d made a big mistake in adopting him. To have seen him in those first weeks and months, you’d get it. He was so darn scared of everything…every move you’d make. And he followed me around like a little velcro dog. It’s cute at first, but having a dog underfoot isn’t easy. Then there were his issues with other dogs. We had to stop going to the dog park in the end. We just weren’t making a lot of friends there.

Yet I just had no idea how bad this separation would make me feel. His funny little personality got under my skin in a big way. Sure, he’s quirky, but he’s always been MY quirky little dog. I’ve been sobbing so much since yesterday, when it finally hit me that he was going to be gone. He sat next to me on the futon last night and I could hardly stand it. As I hugged him this morning, I kept telling him I was sorry. Sorry that we couldn’t work out his aggressions, sorry that we couldn’t be the right home for him.

Some people look at pets differently than I do. For me, they’re part of our family. As I heard the door shut this morning, I felt so lost and lonely. And poor Scott…when he sat down to talk to the woman at the shelter, Pete jumped up into his lap. He rarely ever did that here. He was always slightly afraid of Scott, even after all this time. My husband actually burst into tears right then. And again when he told me about it.

If anyone is looking for a loving little dog, one that would be better in a house without little children and big dogs, please, please contact Mackenzie’s. They’ll keep him in their facility as long as necessary. He’ll be safe there, but he needs a real home. A real family.

5 thoughts on “Today flat-out sucks”

  1. Been there and it still makes me sad to think of my Dad’s dog Benji even though he went to another man who does all the same things with him. My Mother still talks about him 3 yrs later. But we know he is happy and I am sure Pete will be too someday. For Benji it was the right thing to do too!
    Thinking of you today and hope your all feeling better soon. Lynne

  2. I’m so sorry. It’s all I know to say. Pets are part of the family. Families grieve when one of their members moves on. But somebody, somewhere’ll love him!

  3. I just got a letter from my cat’s “foster” mom, reassuring me that Heinlein is having a great time with his new family. Pete is so wonderful, I just know he will end up in the same boat!

  4. I completely understand how you must feel. I have 2 dogs and a cat and I can’t imagine having to let them go. They are family! Hopefully they will find a good home for him.

  5. I just saw Pete on Conan with “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog!” He’s making six figures now and had Pekingese honey’s on either arm. -Wow! Talk about a huge step up!

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