I can’t watch

Hay awaiting the hayriders

A half hour was all I could stand. I abhor conflict (even though I can be amazingly argumentative about some things) — no matter the topic or the participants. I also really, really, really don’t like our current prez all that much. So I have a bit riding on Senator Kerry and I was wincing way too much tonight. Neither of the candidates pleased me with his answers, frankly. All I’m looking for is a little political happiness, man. Is that too much to ask?

2 thoughts on “I can’t watch”

  1. Yay! Someone who agrees with me – I keep hearing how great everyone thinks Kerry did (especially here in DC where politics is the daily small talk), but even though nothing could make me vote for W, I still thought he sounded like just as much of a political machine as W. Only a lot smarter.

  2. I just get frustrated sometimes at the things that come out of his mouth. I’m so very tired of hearing about Vietnam. And I hate it when he promises to “track down the terrorists and kill them.” That’s one of the very things I hate about Bush. No one can make that promise. They can reassure us that they’ll work to defeat the terrorists, but they can in no way promise to eliminate the threat altogether. Ugh.

    Heh. I usually avoid politics because I get all worked up like so.

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