There are things to like about GR

Field at Russell Road

Sometimes Grand Rapids redeems itself slightly. I thought this to myself as we pedaled along the White Pine Trail this morning. I’ve always heard about the trail, but we hadn’t yet checked it out. So we loaded up the bikes and drove on up to Belmont.

It’s a great ride. Although very flat and not big on curves. I think that’s to be expected from the converted railroad trails. It’s also nice that it winds through the communities, especially Rockford. It’s such a great little town and you bike right through, past the Rogue River Dam. This weekend is the Harvest Festival so there were plenty of people out and about.

We biked the nine miles up to Russell Road, then turned back and made a stop for ice cream (two scoops of Caramel Moose Tracks) at Custard By The Dam. Yum! I know this slightly defeats the purpose of exercise, but I CANNOT bike past an ice cream shop without going in. No way. No how.

The night before, I was also enlightened to the delicious food goodness at Little Mexico. I had a veggie quesadilla (yum, again) and two strawberry margaritas. Scott’s plate looked like an explosion of food and he seemed to enjoy it. After dinner, we drove along Bridge Street. With all the glass buildings that have gone up here recently, the reflection of the sunset was pretty impressive. I’m thinking that would be a good time of day to come back downtown with the camera.

Third on my list of good things about Grand Rapids (or Bland Rapids, as Laurel calls it) is Martha’s Vineyard, a cute little wine/beer and food market in Heritage Hill. I’ve been by on bike, but not often in a car. Now I plan to make it a point to get over there more often. Especially after the gouda-stuffed olives the girl offered us (yum, yet again) and the personal tour one of the guys provided. They’ve got some great stuff there.

All in all, it’s been a good GR weekend thus far (all food-related, wouldn’t ya know). I won’t waste your time knocking my present “hometown,” but there are moments when I wish we could escape. So when I come across new and fun places, it removes that urge a bit.

5 thoughts on “There are things to like about GR”

  1. I wasn’t going to comment, because I feel that I am a comment hog, but….one really learns to appreciate all that GR has when one does not live there anymore. There is NOTHING going on in Grandvile…EVER! GR has so much going on that they have magazines dedicated just to listing the daily events. So there. 😉

  2. Grandville…Grand Rapids. I lump ’em all in together. Let’s throw Wyoming and Kentwood into the mix too. It’s all one sprawling suburban area for me. I’ll do OK as long as I stay on the east side. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

  3. Aw, c’mon Patti! There are plenty of bible study groups and Tuperware parties in Grandville! I heard all about them when I worked at Steelcase! Wait… suddenly I hate my own pessimism. Okay, I must admit that Bland Rapids is getting better ‘n better each year. Or maybe I’m just getting older ‘n older and more comfortable in this Wonderful Place to Raise a Family wonderland.

  4. Well, Downtown GR is pretty dang hip, you must admit! Oh, and Grandville did have a 4th of July celebration this year, yes, I believe they called it a Community 4th of July prayer Circle (not making it up)

  5. wow what a buncha snobs! 😉 Ya think there’s nothing to do here now you shoulda been here in the 50s. Total Deadsville, or so my dad tells me. Or ya shoulda grown up in Muskegon like I did. Sure, ya got the lake, but that’s about it, and these days there’s even less.

    Dontcha love the White Pine Trail? And oh yeah, Custard by the Dam, yum.

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