Let’s just say we weren’t bored

Girl seeing herself in “the bean”: Millennium Park

Tired. Sleepy. Exhausted. Just rolled in an hour ago from our whirlwind visit to Chicago. Whirlwind not in the length of time that we were there, but in the number of things we did during that time.

We hit the city just in time to hop aboard the 1:00 Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise. From there: lunch at Boston Blackie’s, a leisurely amble to Navy Pier where Tiffany and I partook of both picture taking and Raspberry Lemonade Stolis, a nostalgic trip to Olive Park and the skyline vistas (where Scott and I used to go during lunches when we worked at Draft), back to the hotel to recoup before dinner at Singha, a stroll through Old Town (including a stop at the Fudge Pot), then a bit of downtime at a coffee shop before taking in the 11:00 performance of Second City e.t.c.’s “Show Title Deemed Indecent by FCC”.

Today consisted of a solo trek along the river on my way to Walgreen’s and back, a mocha from Bin 36, a tres expensive breakfast (egads!) at the hotel restaurant, a drive up to Ravenswood to check out the gentrification of our old neighborhood, touring the new Millennium Park and its goodies, sampling Jazz Fest (Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan in particular) and getting sprayed by Buckingham Fountain, a quick tour of Chinatown where Chad picked up a cool samurai warrior, then a late lunch/early dinner at Rosebud on Taylor before jumping on the Dan Ryan for home.

That is indeed whirlwind in my book. Especially as I sit here now at home, the ceiling fan whirring above my head, the silence of a house without our dogs until Tuesday, the crickets chattering outside my window. It feels like such a contrast from where I was earlier today. And now it’s time to go to bed.