Updates and anxiousness

A flicker in the darkness

It’s been a frustrating couple of days. A process that involves stacks of forms, the government (in two different countries no less), and two people who are very eager to be parents is bound to have a few hiccups. We’ve experienced our first and it’s been a bit rough for me. Things are being delayed (slightly) due to some forms that need to be resubmitted. This happens all the time. I was just hoping it wouldn’t happen to us. Ah, well. The few tears I shed last night are out of my system. For now.

The silver lining in this tiny little cloud was that we received updated photos and a progress report today. Yay!

It’s been only six weeks since the first photos were taken, but he already looks so different. I had to hold the photos up to each other and squint to be sure it was the same baby. I know this isn’t unusual since I just received photos of my friend’s little guy and he looks oh-so different. But it was funny to open the packet and not quite recognize him.

The other funny part would be that he went from an “easygoing baby” on the last report to a “fussy baby” on this one. Oh what a couple of months can do! He’s in foster care now, though, with another baby. That’s what we were really hoping for. Out of the orphanage and in a home where he’ll have more hands-on care and attention. That definitely eases my mind.