Who says Mondays have to be bad?

Our little guy is finally coming into his own

This may just fall into the category of a “perfect” day.

• Not only did Pete actually tell us he had to go outside today (minor miracle), he also went out without Juliette (another biggie). After ten months, I think he’s finally beginning to find his comfort zone.
• When leaving work today, I stepped outside into some of the most intensely gorgeous weather you can imagine. Lovely blue skies dotted with those puffy, photogenic cumulus clouds and accompanied by a light breeze.
• Both dogs were just splendid on their afternoon walk as we cruised the sidewalks under the rustling leaves.
• My client just called to tell me that the concepts we came up with passed muster with the higher ups. This after we were given very little time to spend on them and after I crammed the past few days to dredge up some creative-yet-meaningful copy. The changes were minimal. The accolades were many. How often does that happen, advertising folks?
• I was reminded, as I am every day really, that my husband is a very funny man. (Yes, bad jokes are the mark of a funny guy!)
• I’m about to set to work on what I’m hoping will be a delicious Eggplant Tomato Gratin for tonight’s book club soiree. Weather permitting, we’ll be dining on the deck on a fab July evening.

Mondays really aren’t so bad.