A full day

Big heads: Ann Arbor

Jeesh. I worked an entire eight-hour day today. That’s not something this gal is used to. Since being laid off three years ago (this month, by golly!), I’ve been pretty content with the freelance life. It keeps me busy, but I’ve always been able to work in blocks of time. On the slower days, I’ll have the afternoon to myself. On the busier ones, I can take a break for a couple of hours and get back to things when I’m ready. Today I was in front of the computer or in very long meetings with just a half-hour out for lunch. Quite the challenge.

In baby news, Gail called just minutes ago to tell us we needed to have his new first name to them so they could start the visa application. Whoops! We thought we had a bit of time before that decision was due. Although I’d like to thank all of the kind people who submitted names at Scott’s request, please take no offense if Emmitt or Thelonious doesn’t make the cut. We’ll be sure to keep you posted, though.