Got answers?

My 1993 Trek, the bike that got my tush to the park

Can someone please tell me why the Democrats and Republicans need to throw huge, ostentatious conventions where delegates and politicos, many who get drunk and stupid together, gather for a week to decide on something that’s already been decided on, waste millions of dollars (can you say $50 million, Mr. Kerry?) that’s more than likely being milked from our tax dollars, and close down cities like Boston to the residents who live and work there and depend on their jobs to make a living? Dear politicians from both parties: you are in no way in touch with what the people want.

And while you’re at it, can you please tell me how I’m supposed to starve my poor diarrhea-plagued dog for 24 hours without breaking down in tears of anguish when his big, brown (and proverbial) puppy-dog eyes gaze at me wondering where the heck the kibble has gone while his sister, Miss Stinky Head, is allowed to eat all the tasty kibble her heart desires even though her head does indeed stink?

Life ain’t fair.