Sir Poopsalot and Miss Stinky Head

Miss Stinky Head wasn’t crazy about her skunk bath

The hubby and I are walking around a wee bit on the tired side today. That would be due to our two canines who had a few tricks up their paws last night. It started around 2:30 in the morning when Juliette decided she needed to go out. No matter that she’d already been out four hours before.

Midway through my trek to the back door, the stench of dog poop hit me. Ugh. I let her out, flipped on the light in the living room and saw, through my very myopic vision, at least one pile of doggie doo on the floor. After requesting assistance from my better half because I was already close to gagging, he gallantly took over clean-up and ordered me back to sleep. Mind you, it’s not all that easy to sleep with the smell of poo wafting into your bed chamber. So I waited for him to come back up.

Thing is, it was taking a while. Turns out Pete, the guilty party due to the fact that he doesn’t entirely get the concept of letting us know that he has to go out, had a bout of diarrhea that included both the living room floor and our recently purchased rug. Scott sweetly spent all that time trying to ensure that the rug wasn’t stained, disposed of the offending material, let Juli back in and then returned to bed.

Less than a half hour later Pete started barking and we went downstairs to discover another batch of warm poop. So I let the poor guy outside. While Scott was again cleaning up, I began to notice a slightly different odor in the house. This wasn’t poop. No, this was, unbelieveably, WORSE THAN POOP. At this point, Pete started barking crazily at something in the yard. I turned on the outside light, saw no sign of what I feared might be a skunk, then corralled him back inside.

Back to sleep again.

Except that the new, unpleasant odor was getting worse, drifting throughout the house. Now we were perplexed. It wasn’t the typical skunky odor I’d smelled so many times in the past. There was something different about it. We tramped through the rooms trying to pinpoint the source. Giving up, we crawled back into bed. Then Scott suddenly jumped up, kneeled down on the floor, and sniffed both dogs. The culprit? Juliette’s head. It smelled just like the bad odor in every room of the house.

That meant a bath at 4:00 a.m., followed by a walk to dry her off. Looking at the clock before we finally got back to bed, it read 5:15. Almost three hours of combatting bad smells.

In the light of day, when walking through the yard, I did indeed discover that a skunk had sprayed in the back corner. Our guess is that Juliette rolled around in it when I let her out the first time. She’s endured two baths and several applications of skunk odor remover, but her head still smells icky. As does our house. Ah, well…at least it’s an experience we’ll always remember.