The definition of perky? Natalie MacMaster

Great music on the nicest evening of the summer

Scott took me to my first Natalie MacMaster show in Lansing last June. I’d never heard her music before and I was blown away. I love fiddle music. But she adds something more to the mix. She’s just so darn energetic. She’s all over the stage, kicking her heels up, dancing, shimmying…the works. On top of it all, she’s a very gracious performer. She really appreciates the audience. And the Meijer Gardens crowd was very generous with their applause last night. She even received a standing ovation right before the break.

We attended with Dave and Bev, sitting on a comfy blanket eating assorted dips, chips, veggies, fruits and a great pesto-chicken pasta salad. It was the quintessential summer evening. All of my tension and stress from the day vanished to the point that it was hard to even remember it.

Tonight? Birthday libations with friends. I’m sure that should contribute to my relaxation mode even more.