Juliette, come!

She’s got her eye on the prize

Hopes for the dog beach faded when we ran into a huge traffic jam on the way to Muskegon. That’s also when we realized that this was the weekend of the Muskegon Summer Celebration. Doh! We found an exit, turned around, and headed back to the boring confines of the dog park. At least they got to run around chasing squirrels for a while. And Pete got a chance to fight with an innocent dog who was just trying to make friends.

The park is also a great place to practice the come command. With the bands of squirrels, assorted areas of doggie pee-cards that have been left behind, and the presence of other canine friends, it’s full of distractions. Which can also humble an owner who thinks their dog is very well-behaved. The photo above is one of the two times Juliette responded out of the 258 times we called her.