Raise your hand if you’re sure

Jordan Pond and such viewed from the South Bubble (I think), Acadia National Park

Isn’t it funny how the simplest things can drive you the battiest? I’ve been struggling to find a deodorant, of all things, for a while now. From my teenage years until the point they switched from roll-ons to solids, I was a Secret girl. Unscented. Straightforward. Seemed to work just fine. I never even thought of switching.

Then came the innovations. Now I’m plagued with the lovely white crap that gets on your clothes with the solids, or annoying staining (even after waiting for the darn stuff to dry) that results from the gel formulations. And a couple of the brands I’ve tried didn’t leave me quite as fresh as I’d hoped. Is it too much to ask that the first product I put on my body when I emerge from the shower is one I can have confidence in?

Well, I picked up a stick of Tom’s of Maine the other day (after pitching my Secret Platinum in the trash when it turned portions of my light blue shirt pink ). I really like their products and the fact that they focus on organic ingredients. And I have to say, so far so good. No stinky smells going on yet. No stains on my clothes. Plus, it’s a deodorant only, which I’ve always considered. I feel a bit odd applying something to my skin that’s intended to block my sweat glands. So now the battle of the armpit seems to be over. Hopefully. Now I can go on to worrying about other mundane things.

3 thoughts on “Raise your hand if you’re sure”

  1. Okay…..That’s so funny! I, too, was a “Secret girl.” But last year I switched to Active Enzyme Natural by Kiss My Face. It’s a world of difference. I think the other stuff causes more issues because it’s clogging stuff up! Granted, the natural stuff isn’t as potent, so on these hot and humid days you might have to reapply!

    (Okay, done with my infomercial now)

  2. heheh. I just recently switched, too! Not by choice, but purely because the store didn’t have my usual brand. I always used Mitchum’s Unscented from the time I was in 7th grade, never touched another! (I hate it when I can SMELL someone’s deodorant, to me that is worse than the bo! So I took home some Suave “naturals” Unscented. It works so well that I only put it on every couple of days at first and now, I only use it when I think I might be somewhere that I’ll be nervous or sweaty. (I may be wrong, but I really don’t think I get that stinky,only when I’ve eaten certain foods for some reason please tell me if you disagree haha, I can take it!)

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