How sweet it isn’t

Fake blooms

I’ve come to a tough decision. One I probably should have come to much sooner. I have to cut way back on my sugar intake. Sweets just aren’t sitting well with me lately. They really throw off my blood-sugar levels and make me feel awful. Problem is, I love them.

I’ve been a cake-candy-cookie-ice-cream-anything-chocolate fan since I was a kid. My mom would buy the requisite Little Debbie snackcakes for my lunch each week, and I’d sneak in and grab ’em when she wasn’t looking. I wanted dessert after every meal. Heck, I looked forward to it. I even now sometimes decide on my dinner selection based on what’s on the menu for dessert. After a meal, I just have a craving.

What would be ideal is if I could buy a bag of mini chocolates and just have two after dinner each night. But I’d end up eating the entire bag in three days. I know myself well enough. I’d cave that fast.

Aside from the crummy way I’ve been feeling lately after eating sweets, my grandma was a diabetic. It’s a word that’s struck fear in me since childhood. I associated it with being sickly and never being able to eat another bite of candy in my entire life. So I lived in terror of inheriting it from her somehow. Obviously I haven’t been terrorized enough to regulate my sugar intake. But it’s always at the back of my mind. Especially since I’ve been diagnosed with low blood sugar, which has some sort of relationship I’ve never been too keen on exploring.

I’ve already given up mochas. And I’ve gone two days this week with no sugar at all. This is very hard, though. I don’t plan to go cold turkey. It’s not realistic nor would it give me much to look forward to in life if I could never have another ice cream cone. I just really need to make sugar a special treat that I enjoy only occasionally. Not only will this improve the way I’m feeling, it should help me fight back against the weight gain I’ve had in the last couple of months. I’m hoping that a positive outlook will make this easier. Wish me luck!