The Sunday Blues

Buddy Guy’s Legends

The blues seem a fitting way to describe my state this Sunday. No, I’m not really sad. Nothing terrible has happened. I’ve just got those “I put everything off ’til the last minute and now it’s Sunday” Blues. It’s a typical state for me, depending on my level of busyness.

On Monday, I always think I have the whole week to accomplish something. By Friday I haven’t yet finished it, so then I think, “Wow, I still have the entire weekend to focus on this!” Yep. Then it’s Sunday and I just want to relax but I’ve put all of this other stuff off and it can no longer be ignored.

Now you’d think that after reliving this same scenario as many times as I have that I’d learn something from it. Namely, to accomplish the task on Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday) instead of putting it off. But nah…that would be too easy. So I’ll just play catch-up today and hope that I don’t get myself in the same pickle next weekend.