Sunday the way it’s meant to be

Irish Soda Bread with Oatmeal

I’m sure it’s the same with everyone during the holiday season. Your schedule gets a bit off track from the norm with all the shopping, baking, wrapping and visiting. Well today I’m happy to welcome back our usual Sunday routine. The theme? Laziness with absolutely nothing planned.

It started with me mixing up a batch of super-fluffy buttermilk pancakes. It was my first time trying the recipe and I was very happy with the results. Super-fluffy and also super-easy! So we dined on those, I brewed up a cup of tea while Scott brewed up his coffee, and then the six of us (two people, two dogs, two cats) settled in the living room with the paper.

Afterward I read a few chapters of the book I’m engrossed in, did a little cleaning, stomped out a couple of miles on the treadmill, chatted on the phone with my friend Viv, and baked up the aforepictured bread. And it’s not even 2:30. The husband is heading out with the dogs for a walk right now, so I think I’ll just read some more. Ahhh…I love the option of doing whatever I please. Tomorrow I’ll have plenty of emails awaiting and a new project to work on, so I’ll keep the busy-ness at bay for as long as possible.

Happy Sunday!