All hail Excedrin!

Salvation Army Band: Michigan Ave.

I gotta tell ya, Excedrin is my saviour. Blasphemy, eh? Well, if you were still churning away under the auspices of some sort of cold-virus thing and were beset by an annoying headache a couple of hours before a party you were really looking forward to…and you popped a couple of those little white tablets…and your headache was gone within 15 minutes…you’d feel the very same way, dear reader.

Actually, I’ve suffered from migraines for years. The type that had me tossing my cookies in the Indianapolis airport one time and burrowing in a darkened room whenever I felt one coming along. A few years back, I discovered that Excedrin Extra Strength is the only thing that can keep them at bay. That after going through all of the OTC stuff and being prescribed a couple of things by the doc. So we have a 100-count bottle on hand to keep me in a good mood.

Yes, Excedrin is my friend. Shameless product endorser that I am.