My office two days ago

I really envy my old self. The one who didn’t let all the odds and ends creep into my work area. Or was that just a dream I was having about who I wanted to be? It doesn’t matter. I’m now the type with a desk like this one. My “in” box has stuff that’s been in there for three months or more. (Probably more.) In addition to my typical work paraphanelia, at the time of this pic my desktop also included several mail order catalogs, my wallet, various receipts, bills, a $10 Canadian bill that we still need to exchange, a wind-up pumpkin that I use to scare Pete (sinister, evil cackle), business cards of two people I need to call, four pictures of my friend’s kids she recently sent to me, a watch that no longer works, an empty mug and accompanying coaster, and Lucy’s tail (still attached to her, I assure you).