Oh, the shame!

I think the question really is, “Do we care?”

Actually, I guess I do care, because I purchased this copy of People Magazine. Mind you, when I walked up to the magazine rack and saw these two “charming” couples on the front, I walked away muttering, “Uh uh. No way.” But my craving for People couldn’t be denied as I stood in line to check out. And I picked it up anyway. What could be worse? I sent in a reply card for a subscription!

I’ve been covertly (or not so covertly) purchasing this magazine for years. I have no idea why really. I can tell you that it’s not to read about the Andrew/Jen and Trista/Ryan couplings. I like to read the stories about the real people (like Ali Abbas, the kid who lost his arms in a bombing by US forces in Iraq). And the up-and-coming actors/actresses who haven’t yet fame go to their heads but are likely to at any moment. I skipped the story about Diana’s butler because I really don’t want to hear any more about that. And I was a tad disappointed to see my teenage-college years fave John Cusack with his new barely 25 girlfriend — so I passed that bit by too.

So there…ya got me! My bad habit is out there for everyone to snicker at. You’ll find me curling up with it for about an hour nearly every Sunday. Pathetic little me.