Someone’s in the kitchen with Lori

One of the 47 Halloween Spiderweb Cookies I slaved over last night

There’s something I love about baking. It can be very therapeutic as long as I don’t mis-measure the salt or reach into the fridge to discover there aren’t any eggs in there after all. To warm the hearts of my coworkers, I baked a double batch of Halloween cookies last night. I popped in the added therapeutic sounds of my new Dave Matthews CD as I piped the powdered-sugar glaze to create the spider webs. (This took 1 1/4 rotations of the CD, cuz I’m slow.)

A friend of mine once likened Dave to Richard Hatch of Survivor fame. Now how cruel is that? Although he’s not your runway model type, he’s not a bad-looking guy. Lyric-wise, though, I find him totally appealing. Dare I say sexy? I’ve always been a sucker for men who can turn a phrase. Whatever happened to Neil Finn anyway?