OK…so next year!

Fall mums

After having my little heart broken watching Game 6, I knew last night’s game might go awry. I wasn’t feeling well and decided to relax with a book in bed instead, counting on the hubby to give me updates (but only positive ones — I didn’t want to hear about Pudge hitting any homers). After Moises hit his Waveland homer, though, Scott stopped coming upstairs. Which meant things weren’t going well. Sigh.

But I’m surprisingly OK with it. I guess I got the frustration and despair out of my system Tuesday night. As this lucid gentleman puts it, I do believe in next year. Sure, Cubs fans always say that. It’s what you have to say to rationalize it. But I think Dusty Baker has brought a new energy to Chicago as well as some great players. Next year is definitely doable!

But Jack McKeon, the Marlins manager, kind of irks me with this statement: “The Cubs were America’s favorite. I think we’re the darlings of the baseball world now.” That’s not really how I see it, but I guess he’s entitled to his opinion.

And now…back to Lori’s regularly scheduled non-sports-obsessed persona. Oh, and go Red Sox!