Have a cuppa

The morning brew

Contrary to what the cup says, I’m all for a delicious cup of tea. I’ve gone from having a cup or two a week to two or more each day. I now understand coffee drinkers much better. It used to confound me that my mother could drink three cups of coffee before work each morning. Now I do the same with my freshly brewed tea.

Choosing my favorite is the challenge. I’m not crazy about herbal teas. I tend to gravitate toward green and black. Although my dental hygentist has scolded me about the tea stains she’s discovered recently, most of which can be attributed to the black tea. Class, if you’re drinking dark tea, be sure to brush your teeth afterward or drink a cup of water along with your tea. Because that’s a bit of a hassle, I have favored green tea lately. Some of the best, in my humble opinion:

Republic of Tea’s People’s Green and Ginger Peach
Tazo’s China Green Tips
Stash’s Green

Additional recommendations are always appreciated!

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