Carbonated bread

Frosty and cool with a crisp finish

When I was in high school and college, creating cuisine meant pulling out the green and white Kraft spaghetti box or flipping up a Velveeta grilled cheese. When I moved to Chicago and met Scott, things changed. I first had him over for something that involved rice. Minute Rice, of course. And he seemed a bit surprised that I didn’t use the real, regular-cooking stuff. He’s not an out-of-the-box dinner type of guy, which has been good for me in helping to develop my culinary skills.

In the past several years, I haven’t touched that old green-and-white box. I agree that making things fresh and from scratch tastes better. So I wasn’t quite sure about the Tastefully Simple party I was invited to. Until, that is, I tasted the Bountiful Beer Bread.

Now this is an out-of-the-box food that I can totally glom onto. I love baking bread the regular way, kneading and all. But when you’re in a time crunch or don’t have the energy, this is the answer. All you need is a carbonated beverage. We had no beer in the house yesterday, so I improvised with the next best thing: root beer. And out came a warm loaf of bread. Easy. Fun. Tasty.