Say cheese!

Maggie in the shredder (no animals were injured in the taking of this photo)

Photography 104 starts tonight. Funny, but I’m a little nervous. What if I forgot everything I learned in 103 (which was almost two years ago)? Actually, I’m sure I forgot quite a bit. I’m going to have to rustle through all of my old notes and files to review the processing and developing guidelines. It’s not as if they were easy the first time around. We had to carry these little “cheat sheets” around in the lab…developer X seconds, fixer X minutes, yada, yada, yada.

I acquired my G2 this year and I’m finding myself drawn more to digital. No hands in stinky chemicals. No shaking cans and slamming them on counters to break up the bubbles. No fear of accidentally pouring the fixer down the drain. No waiting to see whether those stupid metal reels mangled my negatives. Instant gratification without all the work. Yet I love the techniques and such I’ve learned in class. And developing the photos themselves is really quite fun. So wish me luck!