Miss Lucy

This one can be so infuriating. And her vet bills have been atrocious. Yet there’s nothing sweeter than when she hops up on my bed on a Saturday morning, burrowing in where Scott was just seconds ago to savor the warm spot. She curls her legs beneath her, closes her eyes and just purrs. Health issues and sassy-ness aside, she’s a total keeper.

Yep, she’s worth it (although my husband might not agree)

We haven’t had a vacation this year. How unfair!

Well, it’s mostly our fault. And partly the stinky economy’s fault. And that cat up there? It’s partly her fault too. Between her stomach issues and the dog’s arthritis and fractured tooth, we’ve shelled out some big cash this year. (The other kitty has stayed on our good side.)

Lucy really is lucky she’s so cute. They all are. Because right now I’d much rather be packing for some time away than staring at a computer screen. But vet bills, plumbing expenses, four new tires, a dishwasher that’s on its last legs, and weekly trips to the gas station are standing between us and a few days of relaxation. Such is life.