March in April

This morning there were snowflakes in the air. Tiny ones. Drifting aimlessly and harmlessly. But still. Snow.

So let’s flash back to the warmer weather of March, since I skipped that month altogether. Ups and downs. Ups: blackberries, birthdays, books written by friends and hikes in some very atypical early spring weather. Downs: losing our Lucy. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. But are we ever?




Too many cooks in the kitchen

When I came in the house this afternoon lugging bags of groceries, all three of my pets tried to squeeze themselves into our tiny kitchen to investigate. Not only do they nose around in my bags, they tend to get in the way when I’m trying to cram things into the refrigerator and cupboards. If you count the five bags of groceries, the three pets and myself in that very small area today, you can imagine how crowded it might have been.

And once I had all five grocery bags folded up, Lucy plopped her kitty but right on top of them.

It’s a good thing she adores attention

Because, honestly, the two Ds hardly ever leave her or Juliette alone. It’s like they have little magnets under their fur and the boys are just drawn to them. Still, she can only handle so much attention before she gets a bit perturbed. Once she’s had enough, Lucy jumps down and finds a spot where they can’t reach her. And I’m left to pick up all the fur that’s left behind!

Smitten with the kitten

Of the three pets, Lucy’s the one who really lets Devin get up close and personal.

Juliette is friendly enough, yes. But she’s not really into a kid hanging all over her. She’ll politely remove herself from the fracas and find a more comfortable spot.

Maggie doesn’t even let him have a chance. Since the only human she seems to like is me, if anyone else comes near her she darts off. Doesn’t matter who that person is, although if that person happens to run really fast and make lots of noise on a regular basis, that won’t help the situation much.

Lucy will just lie there and let him pet her. She’ll even flip over and share her belly with him for some tummy rubs. The other night I said, “Since there are three of us and three of them, we can each claim a pet.” He would get Lucy, of course, which totally thrilled him. I’d get Maggie because she wouldn’t want to be claimed by anyone else. And Daddy would get Juliette. Seems fair enough.

Smile for the camera, Juliette!

Juliette is kind of needy. In the emotional way. She can’t stand it when we’re outside and she’s not. My husband thinks I’m totally nuts, but I’ve started putting her out on the lead in the front yard when we play out there. Otherwise you can hear her whining and freaking out as she paces from the front window to the door and even up to our bedroom, where she has shredded a couple of pillowcases. She’s not thrilled to be out of reach of us ever, but at least this way she can watch the baseball action and enjoy the shade under the tree.

I couldn’t resist trying to snap a few photos of her. I love how she’s kind of looking at the camera here. Unheard of from my no-eye-contact pup. I love her so.

What is good about today?

Rather than complain about the frigid arctic temperatures, which I’m tempted to do, I’ll be grateful for:

1. The sun that came out this afternoon.

2. The friendliness of Laurel’s cat, Molly, who didn’t run away from Devin today.

3. My dog resigning herself to the fact that I’m too cold to walk her tonight. (I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, Juliette!)

4. A yummy red pear with dinner tonight.

5. And, of course, goofing around with my favorite boy.

Coddling the canine

Scott’s working at a client site this week, which is good. For most of the family. The dog is the one I worry about. She’s had it good the past six months, being alone only a few hours at a time. So now it’s back up to 8+ hours. And because I’m oh, so sensitive about her feelings, I hauled myself home for lunch to hang out with her. I don’t know why she can’t see this as an opportunity to power nap. But I really do understand. So I’ll probably do this the rest of the week.

I get perks from this situation, though, other than petting her very soft ears: lunch on the deck! Replete with a glass of blueberry sparkling juice from Trader Joe’s.