I can run for miles and miles

So I’ve written a bit on this blog about my attempts to run. It hasn’t been an easy activity for me to take up for whatever reason. My body is happy to walk really really really fast, but when I kick up the RPMs, my lungs rebel.

Anyway, after many months of trying, last summer I finally hit the mile mark. Wahoo! It seemed to correlate with my purchase of my iPod Shuffle, funny enough. When I started to run with music blasting through my skull, my lungs seemed to forget they were stressed out and I could go farther. Wheeee!

Then I got an injury. Which lasted way too long and took me back to, you guessed it, square one.

And again I’ve been climbing up this steep hill in my quest to regain my claim that “I can run a mile!” Today, after months of being buried in my gym bag and after donning the headphones this weekend only to find out it needed to be charged, I plugged in my Shuffle and off I went.* Four entire laps in a row. (Which is two laps shy of a mile, you see.) I think it’s hilarious how much of a difference it makes. Hey, maybe I’ll even hit that mile by next week!

<small>*Pounding the track to the Once soundtrack, which I adore.</small>

At the car wash

It’s that time of year when, yay!, the roads are clear of snow, but, boo!, the salt has coated the car with a white, icky mess. I planned to take Dev to the bookstore after dinner tonight, so it seemed the perfect excuse to swing by the car wash. I adore his reaction to the whole process. We both giggled like crazy as the soap was squirted on the windshields and the multi-colored brushes came to swab off the gunk. The giggles turned shrill and hysterical when the jets of water began blasting the car. So loud and crazy! I just love looking in the back seat and seeing the huge smile on his face. For the simple pleasure of a clean car.


What have I done?

I’m crazy, you know. I think you could ask my husband and he’d nod his head rapidly.

I’m OK with that. Crazy is good.

But I’m aiming toward the schizophrenic type of crazy. A short few months ago I decided to dismantle the previous version of fresh perspective and start something new. Totally fresh, right?

That worked for a while until I got frustrated with the limitations of the theme I’d chosen and started messing around. Eventually I ended up with this, which I’m still tweaking. (It’s a font thing. I really need to do something with the fonts.) But then I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Start out 2009 with a new blog and just go from there. Nooooo. I had to go and import every last entry I’ve made since 2003. I had to drag my baggage right along with me.

I’m sentimental like that.

Now I have thousands of posts up here with thousands of photos missing from some transfer error I made before switching hosts. So if you decide to poke around for any reason, just be prepared for a bit of chaos until I batten down the hatches. K?

Hear ye, hear ye!

This blog is nearly five years old. Wow! I’ve been having so much fun with it, but for a while now I’ve wanted to change things. I always held myself back because I wanted to be able to keep all of these entries going when I moved. That, though, requires a lot of knowledge that I just don’t have.

So just the other day I decided to finally release the baggage. Not baggage in the negative sense. I love this space. These words. These memories. These images. They’re me and my life and my family and friends and experiences. I’m going to hold on to them in some way, shape or form. It just won’t be here. On this blog.

Instead, I’m starting anew. I’m not shaking things up entirely, mind you. I’m simply moving a short distance down the street to some new digs. I designed this thing in all of its pinkness, but I’m letting go of that control and using a template (egads!) because otherwise I fear it will be another year before I make the move.

So anyone who’s visiting here regularly, you can find me here.

I’ll keep this spot open for a bit until I decide what to do with it. But I’ll be doing my future posting from the new location.

Thanks, as always, for your readership and input. I hope you’ll continue to read and share!

I have a good excuse


The aforementioned storms? They zapped our power. For four days. It wasn’t that tragic for the most part. Annoying that we lost most of the food in our refrigerator and that I couldn’t turn on the ceiling fan last night when it was getting warm in our room. But the weather this past few days was the ideal weather for living like the pioneers did. It never got too hot around here.

Plus, it was slightly fun to run around with flashlights and light candles each evening. Devin’s dog flashlight got plenty of use. Better yet, he got to sleep with Daddy on the futon in the basement since the fireworks were popping off each and every night.

I struggled with only two things: not being able to blow dry my hair and not being able to read with the help of my bedside lamp. I conquered #1 by going with the ponytail most mornings or hitting the shower at the gym. Number 2 involved the elaborate candle ritual above. Whatever works, right?

I really didn’t miss the internet all that much. My laptop battery died by the time I got home Wednesday night and I had no desire to head for the nearest wifi location. I liked the excuse to disengage myself from the online world for a few days. It’s something I’ve been striving to do a lot more often. My productivity level goes up, I’ve noticed, when I move away from the computer screen.

Still, it’s nice to sneak in a few minutes while Scott’s watching the Yankees/Red Sox match-up and the neighbors are STILL shooting off annoying fireworks. Now I’m off to read my book club book!

I have not abandoned ship

I love my blog. I just haven’t had the most organized schedule of late. I even thought about updating yesterday, but three outlandish thunderstorms kind of upended my afternoon plans. It was a very bizarre weather day. Ask anyone in West Michigan. Ask the huge tree limb that’s resting in my back yard. Or ask my poor traumatized dog who followed me throughout the house as the thunder boomed about us. She’s much happier with today, I’m quite sure.

Anyway, I’ve found a place to share my pithier thoughts. I seriously don’t need another place, but what’s a tech-addicted gal to do?

I need more time*

*Get it? Thyme?

I am getting a late start on the gardening this year.


I have only five pots finished and a bunch of plants on the deck that really need to be in the other pots.

The raised beds need to be hoed so we can put some veggies in there and the flower seeds. At the rate I’m going, it will be September before they bloom.

And all of the beds need to be mulched. They’re sprouting weeds and looking neglected.

So that’s my goal for Friday. I just have to get Scott to share my goal since he’ll be the one wielding the long-handled gardening tool.

Stacy makes killer margaritas*


Spring. It’s a fickle season. But I lurve it. I’m not very keen on very hot weather or very cold weather, so spring and fall really make me giddy.

This spring has been slow to bring the really warm temps, which has resulted in the only drawback of the season for me: we haven’t had much deck time yet.

And I ADORE being on the deck. Massively.

Friday night we sat on Sarah’s deck. We needed jackets, but it was so nice to be in the fresh air, eating yummy food, drinking Stacy’s concoctions, relaxing with friends.

Tonight I sat out there and watched my kiddo make Superman float in a tub of water. Bliss. My mission is to get out there as often as possible this summer. With my husband and son. Or even by myself when the timing and mood strike. (Well, I’m never really by myself. There’s always Juliette velcroed to me.)

I hope your goals for the season are as simple and relaxing.

*As does my husband, who made a lovely one for me last night.

I am learning


I have very little patience. It’s a flaw, yes. Believe me, it’s not something I’m proud of. I’m simply a realist.

I believe I’ve gained a little bit since I’ve headed down the path of battling with my anxiety and depression. Being sad and angry probably wouldn’t increase anyone’s level of patience. So there can only be improvement, right?

I’m beginning to see signs of progress.* Things that would normally set me off I’m lately able to shrug off a bit more easily. I find myself reacting with less anger and more reason.

Good thing. Because although temporary single-momhood isn’t all that bad, hustling the preschooler out the door, strapping him into his car seat, and then turning the key and not getting a response? That is bad. I had a very mild tantrum. Not even a tantrum. I simply saw dollar signs flashing before my eyes and was slightly defeated that I wouldn’t be able to go to work and make some money to cover the expense.

Until I spied Scott’s car right there in the driveway next to mine.

We exited the Accord and piled into the Civic and off we went. And I’ve been fairly relaxed about it all day long.

Just a smattering of pride there, can’t ya tell?

*I haven’t made as much progress with my poor kiddo lately, though. He says, “Hey, Mom!” every two minutes. I try to be attentive. I really do. But sometimes I just want to explode and I do end up taking a bit of a tone with him. So I obviously still have some work to do. I guess I always will.

Bubble bokeh


I never recapped our weekend, but it was lovely. It involved lots of bubbles. It also involved bus rides, bookstore visits, coffee and lemonade, Andy Warhol, lawn-mowing, treks to the dog park where the canine stalked squirrels and ran free while the kid rode his bike in circles on the baseball diamond, walking/bike riding to breakfast at The Omelette Shoppe, a ride to the airport, and a sad moment when Dev realized that his Daddy was gone for a few days and he hadn’t given him a hug.

First plant purchase of the season


I couldn’t resist stopping by one of my favorite little garden shops today on the way to pick up Devin. I meant to just look around, but, um…yeah.

These penstemons caught my eye. How could I not get them?

Devin’s eager to help me in the garden, which makes me almost giddy. He even asked if we could plant these tonight, although I was more interested in relaxing on the deck than digging holes.

I’m not sure if he has a true understanding of what helping in the garden entails, but I’m sure he’ll hang in there for at least a few minutes. Especially after what I experienced this weekend as he chipped right in with my mom and me as we yanked weeds and edged flower beds. I’m going to buy him some seeds of his own to sow, so I’m sure he’ll be even more invested in the “work” of it all.

The day before Mother’s Day


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, but today really felt like it to me. Something about the last several hours seemed almost perfect. (Well, until bedtime when Devin refused, as usual, to go to bed and my mood soured simply because I can’t seem to solve this problem of my kid staying up until all hours of the night and being a grump the next morning And, no, he doesn’t nap either…he’s just a 4-year-old insomniac.)


My mom and Louie came over today to help us get some stuff done around the house, including updating the doorknobs on several of our rooms. (Who knew switching out doorknobs could be so damn difficult? I seriously thought I could do it myself. Not!)

So Louie drilled and fitted while my mom, Devin and I gardened. For three hours. Weeding. Defining my garden beds. Pruning. Watering grass seed. Picking up random sticks and leaves. The three of us rocked the backyard. And Devin was a huge help. I think he was even more inclined to pitch in with my mom in the mix because he looooves her. But this isn’t entirely the case because he helped Scott for several hours last Sunday. He seems to just really enjoy being helpful and pitching in. It’s such great fun to have him out there as part of the process.

Then we all ate lunch on the deck in the gorgeous sunshine. It was so wonderful outside today. Comfortable temps with a nice breeze. Yes, there was some sweating. (Or as Devin said, “Mom, my face is getting wet.”) But it was good hard-working sweat as opposed to sweltering-in-the-sun sweat.

After the grandparents left to return to Kalamazoo, the four of us, including Scott and the dog, took a walk, with Devin pedaling madly on his bike and Juliette pulling madly on her leash.

Then the humans in the household went out for Mother’s Day dinner, which we prefer to do the night before when there are fewer crowds. They took me to One Trick Pony where I had a couple of glasses of wine, a great salad and then split a delectable dessert with Devin.

Our bellies full, we hit the streets of GR for a walk. Or a run as Devin preferred. We don’t get to spend a lot of time downtown, so it was nice to explore the storefronts together and enjoy the great weather.

I loved my day today. Tomorrow could rival it, though. Scott promises me that I’ll have plenty of time to myself to relax, which is most definitely a rarity. And then we’re capping the evening off by seeing The Police and Elvis Costello. My Mother’s Day gift to myself.

To all of you moms and grandmas out there — happy Mother’s Day!