Trying something new

With the helmet and all of those pads, I wasn’t worried about setting him free. After about five minutes of clinging to my arm, he saw his friend going it alone and decided to give it a whirl himself. Although he won’t be gracefully cruising down the street anytime soon, he didn’t do too badly. Every day he learns something new. I think I do too.

Love at first sight

He’s becoming such a little animal lover. Makes me smile.

This cat walked through the parking lot where Dev likes to ride his bike. I was feeling a bit lazy tonight and bowed out of the physical activity. And because I didn’t bike or rollerblade over, I brought along my camera. I’m so glad I did because Dev insisted we go see the cat and the feline turned out to be uber-friendly. She let him pet her for probably 20 minutes and her tail was vibrating the whole time. They became instant friends.

He looks older here

Which fits with his current opinion that he KNOWS EVERYTHING.

Before I had a kid of my own, I had my fair share of encounters with little imps. And I’ve seen this stage many times before. When they correct you at every opportunity, when they start to challenge your knowledge.

I found those other kids super-duper annoying. (What? I’m allowed to find kids annoying when they’re not mine, you know.*)

To be fair, though, I’m finding Dev to be slightly annoying during the know-it-all moments too. He just argued with me for ten minutes tonight about the brand of super soaker he has. He insists it’s a Nerf because he saw a Nerf super soaker on TV. But guess what? It’s not a Nerf. I bought it for him and I know such things. But he refuses to believe me. The stinker.

So how long does this stage of childhood last anyway? Tell me it’s short-lived!

*Actually, a good friend recently told me she never really liked kids until she had her son. I could understand where she was coming from. I liked some of them, but there were a whole lot I would gladly run shrieking from!

Hey, August…can you slow down just a bit?

Whoosh…the days are flying by so quickly! They always do, I know. But it seems like the speedometer’s been bumped up a notch lately. I’d like to have some slower, lazier moments so I can savor the last few weeks before Dev goes back to school. Back. To. School. Yikes! First grade this year. And he’s reading like crazy already. I’m so happy I take as many photos as I do so I can lock in some of the memories. There’s certainly not enough room in the regions of my grey matter to store it all away.

I won’t, however, soon forget the trip we took last week to Legoland. One, because he was so thrilled. Two, because he and Jack never stopped talking. Even on the ride home when they were SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING. Stinkers.

6-year-olds playing baseball make me smile too

This was just a few moments before he started asking, loudly, while playing pitcher, “When will we be done? I’m bored!” And was preceded by several repeats of filling his glove with sand and watching it fall to the ground. Oh, and then there was the spinning around in circles. Apparently the batting part was more exciting than the fielding part tonight.

Meet my second child

We don’t have many kids in our neighborhood. Parents have kids and move out before they hit school age so they can avoid sending them to our public schools (which have a pretty low graduation rate). We have two under two nearby and a nine-year-old and his three younger sibs down the block and around the corner.

Donovan, though, is right across the street.

He lives with his mom during the school year and comes back to Michigan during the summers. We met him two years ago and he and Devin hit it off. Even with a nearly four-year age difference. Last year they played a few times. This year, though, they’re nearly inseparable.

I love that Dev has a good buddy. And that he now crosses the street and knocks on the door and asks, “Can Donovan come out and play?” And I love that Donovan is actually a sweet, well-mannered kid who can act as a role model. (Although he was teaching Devin how to sing “I Want to Rock ‘n Roll All Night” as we took the dog for a walk tonight.) One never knows what types of kids their children will end up hanging out with. There are a lot of brats out there. So having him hanging around my house so much is not at all annoying.

At least not yet!

The other thing that’s fun about him is that he was terrified of my dog, but now he’s fascinated with her. He asked me tonight, “Can we take Juliette for a walk?” The first few days he wouldn’t come into the house unless she was put into the backyard while he and Dev scampered to the basement where they could close the gate. Now he’s sitting on the floor in front of her and asking for doggie kisses.

Those two

I love this photo. Because it clearly shows how much he loves his grandma.

I remember my mom saying at my baby shower that she was very nervous about being a grandma because she’d never done it before. Yet she had nothing to worry about. She and Dev have a very comfortable relationship. Scott and I joke that our kid and our dog seem to adore Grandma more than us. But I also had that kind of relationship with my own grandma. There’s a big difference in the way you relate to a grandparent than to your own parents. It’s a special kind of love. It doesn’t take away from the parental connection at all. It lives in its own place.

We made a new friend

Isn’t she sweet? And so, so tiny. As of the photo, she hadn’t been christened. I’ve since discovered that Dev’s buddy decided on the name Aglet. That would be the name of the little plastic thing on the end of your shoelace. Creative, eh?

Dev was so gentle with her. I was proud of him.

The boy and the sun flare

A shift in his sleep patterns is coinciding with these lovely, summer-ish evenings. So he’s been able to stay up a couple of nights during this holiday weekend, one to catch fireflies* and another to enjoy ice cream on the deck. The best part is that he seems to have grown out of the grumpy temper tantrums that would ensue after cases of even slight sleep deprivation in the past. He had a busy day today and maintained his cheerfulness throughout.

*Although the pesky critters didn’t make a showing.

Smitten with the kitten

Of the three pets, Lucy’s the one who really lets Devin get up close and personal.

Juliette is friendly enough, yes. But she’s not really into a kid hanging all over her. She’ll politely remove herself from the fracas and find a more comfortable spot.

Maggie doesn’t even let him have a chance. Since the only human she seems to like is me, if anyone else comes near her she darts off. Doesn’t matter who that person is, although if that person happens to run really fast and make lots of noise on a regular basis, that won’t help the situation much.

Lucy will just lie there and let him pet her. She’ll even flip over and share her belly with him for some tummy rubs. The other night I said, “Since there are three of us and three of them, we can each claim a pet.” He would get Lucy, of course, which totally thrilled him. I’d get Maggie because she wouldn’t want to be claimed by anyone else. And Daddy would get Juliette. Seems fair enough.