OK. You just have no idea how excited I am about my internet skills. See that photo at the top left? I’ve been rocking my rusty and never-quite-adequate css talents today to get the font on this template the way I wanted. Which was good. But I really needed this to be MY site. MINE. MINE. MINE. I hate templates for that reason. Although the good ones give you an excellent starting point. So I nosed around and found the orginal graphic, grabbed one of my photos, resized it and subbed it in.

Voila! You have me and Lucy peering at you from the left-hand corner.

Simple for some people, sure. I’m just pleased that I’ve been able to nit and pick my way to this point. I may fiddle with a few other things, but I’m really starting to like this layout now.

OK. Nothing more to see here. I’m done gloating.

The sky is falling!

At least that’s what it feels like this morning.

All I wanted to do was set up a new blog.  But I started that process last night at 9:00, which was not a wise idea. I’ve transferred domain hosts, lost my email address, retrieved my email address, lost my husband’s email address, retrieved his, installed and struggled with passwords, and finally fought for two hours to get my FTP client to work.

This is what happens when you know just enough about technology to be dangerous.

Anyway, I’m on the right path. This theme will probably change. Because I’m flaky like that. But I’m happier than I was, and that’s a positive thing!