Taking a leap

Devin and I headed downtown this past Friday evening to pick up my race packet for the River Bank Run. With the thousands of people running this year’s race, the streets were pretty chaotic. So we found a parking garage within a reasonable distance and walked over with the rest of the crowds.

Despite the craziness, it was a great night. Sunny, warm and filled with city sounds. After we’d grabbed the stuff and were headed back to the car, it seemed a terrible to waste an opportunity to spend the evening downtown. So we called Scott and asked him to meet us there to go out for dinner. And then we waited for Daddy to arrive. With the traffic and the parking, it took him a while. Never fear, though. The boy found a way to entertain himself.

Art in an hour

We’ll be going down for a much longer exploration of ArtPrize this weekend. But today was just so beautiful and I needed to register so I could get my votes in today. So I grabbed Dev and we scooted downtown for a lightning-fast perusal of the art. I had been dying to see this piece by Beili Liu. I’d seen photographs and knew I’d love it. And I did. I voted up for several others, too, but I’m just sad that there’s so much I haven’t yet discovered. That first week goes by so quickly!

I loved that the 6-year-old happily stood in line with me on several occasions — to register, to argue with the computer about my password, to enter the GRAM and to walk through the Young Kim installation. After all of that sacrifice, I was happy to get him a hot dog.