Four Mondays in a row!

For some reason, I’m in a bit of a pattern here. Snap photos over the weekend. Post them on Monday.

I’ve actually become quite offline-focused over my weekends. So much so that people are a bit amazed that I didn’t see a Facebook post or respond to their email. I’m in front of a computer all through the week. I guess I see weekends as times to step away. I’m not against picking up my iPad and playing a game of Dots (so flipping addictive) or snapping photos for Instagram or even watching a Netflix movie on the computer. I just don’t feel the desire to engage the way I seem to during the week.

So not unplugged. Un-surfed? Eh. Something like that.

This weekend I caught up on some gardening tasks. It’s amazing how many weeds will grow if you’re not diligent for a few days. (Although try to grow something I *want* to be there and it takes forever!)


And I finally tried a recipe I’d been dying to make for a few weeks now. Yes, it’s cornbread. And, yes, if you know me well enough, it’s gluten free. I’ve made a few versions. I’ve liked most of them. But this one has rocketed to the #1 spot on my list. I still haven’t mixed up Shauna’s all-purpose flour, which I’ve been meaning to since she made it seem so easy, but the King Arthur version worked just fine here. This is another one of those recipes where you really can’t tell that it’s gluten free. It’s just a really great cornbread recipe. You should try it!


Chocolate chip yumminess


Amazon delivered my 5-lb. bag of almond flour today.

On the back of said bag of flour was a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Looking through the ingredients I was happy to note that I had everything I needed to make them. So why not, right?

So, so glad that I did. These were guuuuuud!

I ate four.


It was sad. But not sad, too, because I found another go-to recipe. One which also passed muster with the kiddo, who was a little confused by how soft they were, but otherwise pleased. (These are rather “oily” in consistency when you bake them and they have to set for a bit after you take them out of the oven in order to firm up. I brought Dev his when they were still warm and soft.)

DSC_4653 DSC_4647

And then Nick started goofing around in the kitchen. So I had to include him in the post. DSC_4662

Lori’s further adventures in gluten-free baking


I’ve baked some stuff at this point. Corn muffins. Blueberry-banana muffins. The pie with chickpeas that eliminates the flour issue altogether. But I’ve relied on mixes too, for things like my pancakes this morning (pumped up with chocolate chips and almonds) and the one pizza crust I’ve attempted so far. I just get overwhelmed by the flour. So. Much. Flour.

When I saw this recipe and I just had to make it. But then I saw the flour mix they suggested. Millet flour. Sorghum flour. Tapioca starch. I don’t have any those, if you can believe it, because I have about nine different flours/starches taking up LOTS OF ROOM in my refrigerator. Just not those flours.

I was planning a trip to Meijer today so I thought I’d check for them. But, nope, nothing. I’ve determined that I either have to go to the health food store or shop online for a lot of this stuff. But still…where the heck am I going to put it anyway?

I was desperate, though. I wanted focaccia, damnit! Focaccia with red grapes nestled on top. So I thumbed my nose at the suggestion (sorry, Krumville Bake Shop) and grabbed my Bob’s Red Mill GF flour instead. Although this may not seem so rebellious, the flours in this mix are not the same flours as in the other mix. So I was throwing caution to the wind. Honestly I was!

My risk paid off! (The only thing I would have done differently is left it in to brown a bit more.) Otherwise, I can say that I’m very happy with my focaccia. Yes, I am. I’m interested to know how much different it would taste with the other flour mix and I may try that in the future. Still, this one was just dandy.