Day 5: Boxing it up

I get so geeked each year to take out all of my Christmas decorations and festive up my house. Once Thanksgiving dinner is over, I’m dying to drag out the boxes.

It’s amazing to me how in just a few weeks’ time it’s all over. Time to put everything back into those boxes. The holiday just speeds right past and all of a sudden it’s the new year.

I’m usually ready. Especially when the tree starts to look forlorn and sheds its needles all over the place. But it’s a little bit sad to have to hide them away in the basement for another 11 months. I’m just glad for my all-purpose decor like my snowflakes. They can stay until the end of February. By then, I’m done with the whole winter thing anyway.


Day 4: Peanut sauce

My kid was on fire with the helpfulness today. He always loves to help, but sometimes his interest only lasts a minute. Or 10. Today he gladly pitched in with the laundry, putting away Christmas decorations, getting dinner ready and setting the table. (He even set a fourth spot and invited one of his stuffed animals to dine with us.)

20090104-dsc_0127Here you see him mixing up the peanut sauce. We tasted it afterward and it was pretty sour so we laughingly added a bunch more brown sugar and even, to his recommendation, a tiny bit of milk. It worked. He tasted it and gave me a thumbs-up, which sent me into a fit of laughter since I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that before.

The funnier part is that he dipped his chicken in it at dinnertime and made a face. Apparently it’s going to take a lot more brown sugar to suit his taste.

Day 3

So we were goofing around on our bed today, hiding beneath the blankets and pretending Daddy was a bear. After Scott left the room, he was still in Bear Mode, so he asked me to be the bear. I’m a bear that tickles rather than mauls. He was grinning so cutely in the morning light that I asked if I could take his picture. Of course the magical moment didn’t last quite as long as I liked. The grin was gone, but the cooperation remained. So I snapped a few.

Then he asked me if I could print one out. I showed him how I transfer the files to the computer and how I make adjustments in Lightroom. He decided he wanted to make a few adjustments himself, which is fine by me since I have that magical reset button at my disposal. He adjuste the temp button a few times, going from really, really yellow to really, really blue and then moved in to a spot that he liked. Then he grabbed the vibrance slider and tweaked it a bit and said, “There. That’s perfect!” (I couldn’t resist one small bump on the temp slider, though.)

I printed it. He grabbed it and asked for tape. Then I found it later on the side of his bookshelf.


Day 2, which really is Day 2

Devin loves adventures. But for him, going to the gas station is an adventure. Going to the bank. Or the mall. He’s easy to please in that way. So I knew when I picked him up from day care today he’d be happy to hear that we had to run an errand downtown.

My eye doctor is located right on Monroe Mall, which is handy if you happen to be downtown, but not so much when I work on the southeast side. I’d been putting off picking up my contacts for a while. With a day off, it seemed like the perfec time to accomplish something.

The parking lot behind the building was being blocked by an SUV for some unknown reason, so I drove to the next lot, which happened to be the Amway Grand’s lot. This gave a little extra oomph! to the adventure since we could take a detour through the hotel first. It just so happends that Dev’s class took a tour of the hotel earlier this week too. So he was extra excited to revisit so he could show me what he’d seen. (One thing he learned, he informed me later in a loud voice from the other side of the stall, is that “You don’t have to flush, Momma! All of the bathrooms in the hotel have automatic toilets!” Thank you, son.)

We traversed the skywalk and made our way down the carpeted stairs to the lobby, where the fountain resides. He ran right over to it. What kid wouldn’t? As he leaned in, he saw the coins and asked me why they were there. I explained that some people think throwing a coin in a fountain will make a wish come true. Of course you know where that led. I scrounged a few coins from my purse and he proceeded to launch them into the water. He was so enthusiastic that one of them actually made a CLANG sound against the center part of the fountain.

I hope all of his wishes come true.


Day 1, which is really Day 2

One of the other reasons I wanted to get this blog hassle out of the way was to start my new 365 project. You know. On Day 1: Jan. 1.

Let’s not let one day derail that, tho.

I made it through 365 days of photos a while back. It was a challenge, but I really did enjoy it. And I felt great when I completed it.

My recent dearth of creativity, I believe, calls for a shot in the arm. So why not try again? This time I thought I’d also blog the photos here. Among any other entries I might want to log.

So, here’s the first pic:


Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake. That’s what it is! And it’s guuuuud. I made it with the kiddo, who helped with the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Then he stirred the cinnamon and sugar together and helped me sprinkle it on top. Yum.

Or Yum-o! as Rachel would say. Fitting, since this is one of her recipes.