Local goodness


The kiddo had this Friday off from school, so I took a day off from work as well. I love when we have opportunity to just hang out together. The thought was that we’d go to a movie and just enjoy the day. Which we did. But it ended up being jam-packed with more stuff (good […]

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A study in tulips


My backyard is just bursting with blooms right now. The ones I planted out front, however, were ravaged by the squirrels. Or at least I’m going to blame them, even without proof. I have no idea why they’re too lazy to scale the fence and gnaw on the ones in back. But I’m very glad […]

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The weekend: it came and went


Weekends are too short, don’t you agree? Looks like Nick could use another few hours in his weekend too. Lazy cats! I can’t resist taking photos of his big ol’ paws. Especially when he stretches out so adorably. The only bad thing about the photo is that the flannel sheets are still on the bed. They’re usually […]

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Now for the cinnamon rolls


You know how you realize something is probably not good for you, but it looks so tasty, that you decide to go ahead and make it anyway? That’s where I was with these cinnamon rolls. I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before. I haven’t eaten that many either, to be honest. Most of the bakeries near […]

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Kiss us, we’re Irish


We are waiting, sort of patiently, for spring to arrive. I think this past winter (it’s officially spring, so I think I’m allowed to put it in the past, cold temps withstanding) will be one for the record books. Well, at least I hope it will. If I have that to look forward to for […]

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Florida – one month later


Yep…an entire month has gone by since we returned from our trip. I’ve been to Florida many times since I met Scott because some of his family lives there. And it’s always been a welcome change of scenery from the colder weather. This trip, though, was the first one where I felt sad leaving. Probably […]

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More potatoes and a candle


Since my last potato post, we went on a vacation. But I’ll go against my instincts of posting in chronological order and share today’s meal first. Because it was super easy to make and super delicious. Red potatoes + sweet potatoes = potato goat cheese gratin. The original recipe called for squash, but my two […]

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